Your Home in London! -- COMING SOON!

Finding the right apartment in London can be stressful, even for Londoners.  Comforts of Home was created to provide stylish, comfortable, clean, safe, well-renovated, and centrally located apartments to study abroad students in London. 

More than our great apartments, what sets us apart is our high level of service. We know that you’re living an ocean away from home, possibly for the first time, and we’re dedicated to making your whole experience fantastic, from your jet-lagged arrival to your tearful farewell. 

Comforts of Home's personnel are available around the clock to handle any concern, and our own maintenance team is on call to resolve any problem, usually in just a few hours.  All this frees you to focus on studying, making friends, enjoying London's diverse and dynamic culture, and getting the most out of your study abroad experience.

A (new) SPECIAL BENEFIT:  All Comforts of Home residents are welcome in all of our cities!  Traveling between semesters?  Stay in a spacious and comfortable Comforts of Home apartment in any one of our cities, listed below, for around the same price as a hostel. 


Contacting us:  You can file a Maintenance Request any time via our website and we'll respond within 24 hours.  To speak with someone, always reach out to your program's Housing Coordinator first.  He or she will involve us if necessary.  You can reach us with general comments (compliments accepted) at info@comfortsoflondon.com.